Sweet, Sweet Irony…

“He didn’t like pain, even in the face of self-inflicted death — smart man.”

[Clare Angelica — on Dr Horace Wells]

A friend recently brought Doctor Horace Wells to my attention because of a surgery that entailed extracting all wisdom teeth. Doctor Wells was one of the forerunners for Anesthesia into dentistry. Sadly, Wells had developed a chloroform addiction after his self-studies into the subject and thus fell into disrepute. Wells’ addiction eventually landed in him in “the arms of the law” and he chose a prison sentence. After conviction he committed suicide – but not before taking chloroform… Yet, I have to thank the man – it made my surgery a heck of a lot easier.

Dr Horace Wells : January 21, 1815 – January 24, 1848

For more about Dr Wells, visit Wikipedia .

For the photo source (and a little more info) check out Anesthesiology

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