As humans, living in an ever-changing world, the best we can do is relax-breathe-be.

Relax – you can only control so much of your life, and how much of it is truly under your control??  Let go of the reins (or at least loosen them a bit), and let life develop in its own time – for it will be better, and happen quicker, than you could have ever planned or anticipated!

Breathe – when life seems overwhelming, take a deep-breath and remember you aren’t alone – you aren’t the only one feeling as though the world is spinning far to fast for you to stay on your feet – Remember that a deep, centering breath can re-balance you within the spin of your own life – Allowing you to achieve more in the balance of your world than by spinning on its edges, grasping aimlessly.

Be – present. Think before acting, be in the situation, feel it before reacting and committing to something you aren’t sure about, or feels wrong to you. Be centered in your present moment, and allow life to be just as you need it to be – beautifully in balance with your higher good, achieving your higher goals.


-Clare Angelica


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