Learn to Teach


We are not the same – do not force us to learn the same, be the same, or act the same for we are individuals – with our own strengths and weaknesses – let us help one another by acting upon our strengths to lift others weakness into victory. Let us learn, and be taught, so that we all understand in our own individual way. Serve the collective individually. Allow us to keep our diversity – we do not look the same, act the same, think the same, believe the same, or create the same – but all of our differences make our world one, for we work together to make it one, different, beautiful place!

Individuals have free-reign over this place we call Earth – the place we live, we breath, and we create upon.

Limiting an individuals potential inhibits their growth to work and expand our world as a whole.

Teach individuals to learn in a way they understand, so they can unify our collective universe by achieving their greatest potential.

Allow us to work together, help each other, and share our knowledge with one another – allow us to create in our own way, to enhance our world and make it whole.

Take away our frustrations – Teach, and serve us, in a way WE understand!

-Clare Angelica

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