Ode to Editors

I have a whole new respect for the editing process – the fine-tuning of your work.

As a self-published writer, the road has been long, curvy, bumpy, and constantly changing from conception, to novel, to a published piece of art.

Editing is completely subjective, and individualized, to each person’s views and expectations as their eyes comb through your work – and thank goodness for each and everyone of them!

Seeing how others do things has helped me more than I can express by giving me the crash course on helping me define my individual writing style – it truly is “to each his own.” Even through all the red-markings and cross-outs, giving-up was never an option.

I love writing, creating, and sharing my world with you!

Thank you for making me better, and each novel henceforth that much easier to write! I’m beginning to know what I’m looking for 🙂

Thank you Sharon, Kit, Randy, and Vi for your wonderful insights, dedication, time, and faith in me and my work – Love to you all!

-Clare Angelica


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