Kelly Cutrone

“Follow your intuition. Be smart, be brave, tell the truth, and don’t take any shit.”

-Kelly Cutrone

Have you ever noticed that we get ourselves in more trouble by not being honest…and especially by not being honest to ourselves…?

There is a higher power at work within each of us and when we choose to ignore “the bird’s whispering in our ear” is when we really find trouble knocking…. It is because we have disregarded our best attribute, the “little voice” inside us that tells us to leap at just the right moment or hold fast so we can safely weather the storm…. We have ignored our intuition.

Intuition will not misguide you, only you can do that.

Don’t just think about being smart, brave, telling the truth tomorrow, or standing up for yourself another time…. There is no other time.

Live your life in the present and don’t allow others to compromise your integrity.

There is no other time, but right now to Be Smart, to Be Brave, to Tell the Truth, and to Not Take Any Shit from Anybody.

Be yourself.

Be the very highest and best version of yourself that you have to offer at any given time and allow your Intuition to guide you, and you will never be misled.

-Clare Angelica

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