Thia Breen

Yes, if you haven’t learned this already, I am a sucker for independent, strong, prosperous, successful people. I love their stories, their insights, and their brass cojones (which yes, sometimes the women beat out the men!)

Here is a list of the Top Five Get-Ahead Rules from Thia Breen (the list was published in 2012, but still pertains today), a woman who has been a leader in Estée Lauder for over 30 years (she is currently the Group President of North America for The Estée Lauder Companies):

Top Five Get-Ahead Rules:

1. Never judge the customer. Everybody is a potential sale.

2. Be fearless about setting goals.

3. Ask for what you want or need. Men do it all the time.

4. Assume you won’t have a mentor along the way.

5. Do not underestimate the power of punctuality.

Go out and get ahead!


If you’d like to read the whole article on Ms. Breen from 2012, Click Here.

If you’d like to read about her promotion in February 2015, Click Here.


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