Like a Tiny Jungle…

“Like a tiny jungle on an island in the center of a deep blue sea, constant lapping on the hulls of big wooden ships, map of stars, bullets, booze beneath an exasperating knowing, at Ten-thirty it is too late to call.


There is no top of stone on the box you are in.


I love this quote I found alongside a piece of artwork. The art exemplified the words — a person was bent within a box with their feet high over their head as the rectangle sat vertically, simply waiting for their escape from their own confines.

Gosh, I love art! There are so many different ways to express — music, drawing, painting, pottery, writing, graffiti, comics, song…the list goes on…and on and on.

Find your expression and lift yourself out of the stone box with no top.

The only one confining yourself to such spaces…is you.

-Clare Angelica

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