Entrepreneurial Advice from Alba

“A lot of people give up at the first roadblock. But for entrepreneurs, if there isn’t another road, we create it. We break concrete; we throw dynamite; we figure it out.”

-Jessica Alba

Now, while Alba’s advice is geared towards entrepreneurs, I think it is valid for any walk of life.

No matter what you do, if you have the determination and dedication to see your dreams through to fruition you have what it takes to light the fuse and throw the dynamite into the rubble to clear away the ash in order to see the dawn of the new day through the calming haze.

Anyone can clear away their roadblocks, you just need to be brave enough to do it.

-Clare Angelica

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurial Advice from Alba

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  1. I agree with this. 70% of people will give up after one try. 80% give up on the second try and 90% will give up on the third try, but the average millionaire has failed at least 3 times. We all need to persist through failure and like Alba says, if there isn’t a road for us to persist on, we need to create our own road. good post:)

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