I recently heard in passing: “Weekends are for fun. Weekdays are all work baby.”

And no, the “baby” was not a term of endearment, but more an expression that could have been said to anyone…just to clarify.

To me, what was told sounds like an excuse used to smooth over the fact that the person did a complete 180 and began treating that person like they didn’t matter — not a good feeling.

Excuses are rooted in fear… Fear of commitment, success, moving forward, loving someone, being loved, deserving what you have been asking for, etc…

To them I retort: “You are certainly full of excuses. If someone’s worth it, they are worth it everyday — not just on the weekends.”

AND if you don’t want to be in a situation anymore, get out of it with integrity. Speak your truth so you don’t leave the other person with their head-spinning not knowing what the f*ck happened.

But, in the end what goes around truly does come back around. The feeling of pain the person was left with after the 180 will come back to the person who did the 180.

One cannot outrun what they have done — might as well turn around and face it.

-Clare Angelica

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