Tom Robbins Gets It

“If I have been given any gift in this life, it’s my ability to live simultaneously in the rational world and the world of imagination.

…if there is one thing of which I am most proud, it’s that I have permitted no authority … to relieve me … of that gift.

From the beginning, imagination has been my wild card, my skeleton key, my servant, my master, my bat cave … and I plan to stick with it to the end, whenever and however that end might come, and whether or not there is another act to follow.”

-Tom Robbins, Tibetan Peach Pie

Well said, Tom.

I have long lived in two worlds simultaneously — and often they overlap…

I just finished reading Tom Robbins’ (non)autobiography — what a fascinating life he does lead. It wasn’t until nearly three-quarters of the way through that he finally gets to the bit about landing his first book deal, getting movie offers, and true success in his field. I loved it all (even though, yes, I was waiting with bated breath to read about his literary success!)

Explore On. Create. Enjoy.

-Clare Angelica

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