Writer’s Block is BS

I found a copy of The Writer from October 2013 — I couldn’t remember why I had saved it all these years so I read through it again.

On the very last page was a bio on Jonathan Maberry — and in the very last two paragraphs of the article he says:

“Advice: First, STOP mythologizing the life of a writer. Don’t wait for the muse to whisper in your ear. Don’t cultivate an affected personality. PUT your butt in the chair and write.

Second, don’t buy into the myth of writer’s block. Nearly every person I’ve ever met who swears to be stalled by it is actually encountering one of two common problems. Most often “writer’s block” is the result of writers trying too hard to write a perfect novel in the first draft. Nobody – no-freaking-body – writes a perfect first draft.”


I believe what he does that writer’s block is merely a made-up thing so that you can prolong (and procrastinate) writing — I know I’ve done it.

Stop making excuses and sit your a** in the chair and start writing — Don’t worry, the “muse” will come to you in the most unlikely of ways.

Write. Create. Enjoy. Stretch. Succeed.

-Clare Angelica

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