“Sometimes, the only reason you are with someone is to learn how to leave them.”

-Clare Angelica

We get ourselves into all sorts of things…and usually the scariest part is getting out of them.

People or circumstances will arise again, and again, in your life — this is life showing you that you need to acknowledge this instead of continually stuffing it under the table!

Some situations are simply a learning experience for you to be brave in. They are a circumstance where you must standup for yourself and for exactly what you need — and sometimes that means you need to leave.

Relationships of all kinds are our greatest teachers — they show you, truly, exactly where you are at in your personal evolution.

The freedom you will feel after getting out of a situation that you know you need to exit will be the most liberating and lightening experience!

Take the leap. Be brave. Ask for exactly what you deserve!

Don’t settle.

-Clare Angelica

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