Robert Mitchum

“There just isn’t any pleasing some people.

The trick is to stop trying.”

-Robert Mitchum

You can spend your life trying to please others or you can spend it pleasing yourself.

The more you try to please others the more of yourself you give away. It’s ok to be selfish sometimes — you deserve the best and bending backwards to appease someone else’s needs is not serving your highest needs.

You can try your whole life to please others and never accomplish a thing because people are fickle.

You can please yourself by living in your center and serving your highest needs everyday in everyway — trust me, you will still get to please others, but it will be out of service instead of a need or desire to please them.

Pleasing yourself is empowering — it allows you to serve others in the highest way you can, and that isn’t giving anything away or sacrificing who you are to please them.

Don’t dim your light just because others can’t handle your brightness.

-Clare Angelica

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