“Science Fiction is the stuff that hasn’t happened yet.”


Ever watch a science-fiction show and wonder… Could that really happen now? Did that really happen somewhere? Could that really happen someday?

The answer is probably yes.

There is so much out there that our minds can’t even fathom what could really, truly be happening outside our safety bubble.

I already have planned out a science-fiction trilogy (yes, another trilogy — it seems most of my stories transform into those…)

My advice is when you are creating don’t be afraid to reach farther than others feel comfortable going — go there — make your readers go there with you. Push the boundaries until there are none.

Just watch, one day your work of art or fiction may be down in the history books as fact because humans many centuries from now predicted that you yourself could see the future and saw how your world would evolve and adapt.

Create the world you want — and until then, fake it ’til you make it 🙂

-Clare Angelica

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