Do You Really Want

Do you really want to be with someone who puts their needs over you/your relationship and/or didn’t realize what they had until they lost it?

— OR —

Would you rather be with the person who realizes what they have when they have it, doesn’t take you for granted, and shows up everyday to show you exactly how special and important you are to them?

Life is ALL about choices — you make them everyday.

One thing I must work on is not putting my expectations on others — what I think someone deserves may not be what they themselves think they deserve (lately, my expectations have been too high for others — and this is because my self expectations and needs are getting higher, but the overall quality of what I am getting is DEFINITELY improving 🙂 Amen to that!

Life is energy — like attracts like. If you raise your consciousness you raise the vibration of that which you are receiving and the lower vibes fade out. DO NOT FEAR, this is a GOOD THING!

Have whatever level expectations you want for yourself, but do not place those levels of attainment on others — it will only leave you frustrated and thinking, “Really! You’re settling for this instead of THIS!?

My advice (which you’ve heard a thousand times over, but it never hurts to hear again…)


And again, leave others alone! They are on their own path and that path is perfect for them — yours is the only path you can alter.

-Clare Angelica

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