No Fear

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.


I am an independent author. Writing for me is as necessary as breathing.

People ask me why I chose to write a book, what inspired it… I don’t have a fantastic answer, just simply that a story came in and I decided to make it into a book. And then that one story turned into a trilogy…the first of many.

I didn’t speak about my writing openly mainly because I didn’t want to hear what others had to say…good or bad.

I didn’t care what others had to say about what I had decided to do. I write for me, but I truly hope you enjoy my work. I hope you learn from it and hopefully take something (good or bad) away from the words upon the page.

I never had any doubt that I couldn’t do it. I was never afraid of failure.

No Fear. No Doubt. No Worry.

Get after it!

-Clare Angelica

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