That’s all you need.

Be courageous. Be brave.

It’s quite literally all you need.

You must first have the courage to take the leap, to take the necessary action towards that which you want, to get the energy in motion, and then, once everything is moving, you find that it was really easy. You find that you DESERVE it!

No trial at all.

Courage takes strength. You must believe in yourself. You must believe in your goal.

You must have the determination to go get it.

Fear is inhibiting, it is restrictive. Is that really how you want to live YOUR life!?

Be courageous. Life’s not going to wait for you to be brave.

You have to show life just how much courage you have.

What are you waiting for?

Everyday I write. Everyday I am showing life what I want, what I am willing to do to get, and that I am accomplishing my goals — Me, not anyone else. 

It boils down to YOU — not anyone else. STOP making excuses, people aren’t listening to them.

START making things happen, people pay attention to your actions.

– Clare Angelica

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