Try Me…

Do it because they said you couldn’t.

Yes, if you are as stubborn as I can be (from time to time :)) the fuel someone gives you from telling you you can’t do something is like detonating a live bomb — the wreckage is epic.

If I listened to other’s opinions regarding my writing career I would have never done it — or I would at least not be where I am today (writing book three to finalize The Siren’s Sea Trilogy !!)

Many were supportive, while others were simply naysayers. Regardless, I listened to neither groups and did what I wanted.

I have tightened my circle as to who I chose to tell things to regarding my passion and I have learned to with whom I can only mention the weather.

It’s always your choice in the end what you choose to accomplish in this life — no one else can make it for you (and no one else should!)

– Clare Angelica

One thought on “Try Me…

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  1. Although i get what you mean, it doesn’t give me enough motivation. Doing things based on what my narcissistic mother said i CAN’T do, allows her to maintain power over my thoughts and decision making. She doesn’t deserve any. In my opinion, do it because YOU want to.

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