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Now, forgiveness and acceptance are both optional.

Forgiveness is a wonderful thing to grant on others because you are also granting it within yourself. You are forgiving them. And don’t forget you can forgive yourself (even without the second parties forgiveness.) Forgiveness is a gift to everyone and anyone it graces.

Trust must be earned, especially if there has been wrong doing on your part or another’s. Do not expect to receive it right away and don’t give it immediately back. Allow your actions (or those of others) to speak for themselves and watch to see if the person truly deserves your trust (and watch yourself to see if you should give it or work to get it back).

Acceptance is not something you must accept. You can forgive another’s actions, but you do not have to accept them. But, don’t be upset it the tables are turned and your actions must be weighed and measured.

Poor behavior cannot go unacknowledged — be open to hearing if your own behavior needs to be acknowledged and don’t be afraid to call others on theirs.

Your actions are your own choicehow do they make you feel?

-Clare Angelica


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