If You Want It, Go Get It


Fear inhibits us, it controls us, and it limits us.

If you want something, what are you waiting for?

What is truly (really) holding you back?

When you answer these questions you’ll generally find that the answer is YOU. You are what holds you back from getting exactly what you want — you can place the blame on others, but it always comes back around to the one common factor = you.

Fear isn’t worth the energy we give it.

Say f*ck you and go get exactly what it is that you want …it’s waiting…

-Clare Angelica

2 thoughts on “If You Want It, Go Get It

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  1. Clare,
    I really have found more couple of liners post from you, but there are some remarkable posts which I have missed. You’re inspiring and I would love to have you as lecturer in university. 😊 Haha.
    Thank you so much for taking out time and posting your wonderful thoughts. 😊 Thanks.

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