I thought I knew you, but you are nothing but a ghost — transparent and unreal.

I can’t touch you, I can’t feel you, I can’t hear your words…

My salvation you are far from, but you condemn me to love you.

You said you can’t not be in love with me, that you don’t know how to let me go… Whether its true or not, I’ll never know because you didn’t show up. The scars you left behind are vivid and raw. 

The pounding of my chest matches yours and it’s painful because you are nowhere to be found.

Hollow words with lost letters is all you speak. I don’t understand your love …nor do I want it any longer.

I don’t understand how you can say such words and then offer nothing but silence…

You hurt me, you belittled us, continually, but I let you …because you are my kryptonite — I am yours and you are mine.

I let you, it feels like I’ll always let you.

The games you play with my once trusting heart are wicked.

-Clare Angelica

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