Technology VS Human


Do you remember …when a conversation used to mean talking in person OR over the telephone with someone?

Now its texts and pokes and IMs and snaps and instagrams and tweets and the like… We’ve lost the beauty of language to short-hand, the meanings of our words are mistranslated because we can’t hear the tones of our voices, we can’t see the gestures of our bodies — we have become short and impersonal.

Meaningful things are meant to be spoken or written (not typed).

Have the courage to say, I love you in person first — then say it all the time, whenever you like 🙂 Have the decency to end a relationship in person (not via text, you wimp!) Be strong and say what you need to say when you need to say, and say it to their face(s).

However, NEVER underestimate the power of a well written letter — the time, the energy, the paper, and the penmanship are all what makes you you. Don’t take a hand-written letter for granted for it is truly elegant no matter the form.

I am by no means knocking the electronic forms of communication we (me included) all use on a daily basis — they are little reminders of showing people that you care, that you are still there, and that you are paying attention.

Just remember, from time to time, to reconnect in a physical presence with those you love — it will not only brighten your day and refresh your connection, but it will do the same for them.

Plus, there’s just some things that can’t be translated through a screen.

-Clare Angelica

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