What Are You Scared of Today


When we finally take those first steps past fear we realize there is truly nothing to be afraid of.

Use your fears to your advantage. Take that which you fear and do it! Beat it!

Fear is an alarm system — it tells you when danger is near, it signals you when something isn’t right, and it also yells at you when you are outside of your comfort zone. Learn to decipher your fears.

The thing in which you fear to do, that thing you have been pushing aside and will get to later, is the one thing that you need to do the most!

Fear will sound the alarm when you are stepping out of the place in which you find safe and comforting — no progress is made by remaining in this state — leap out of it!

If you truly want change, progress, movement, you can’t stay where you are — but you already know that.

What are you waiting for?

Fear is energy and energy can be transformed into whatever you want it to be — Translate that fear into success and revel in it — use fear to accomplish your goals (and along the way you’ll find that the fear you have been holding onto is completely and utterly…gone.)

Where do you want to live? The choice is always yours.

What are you scared of today? — GO DO IT!

-Clare Angelica

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