In What Direction Are You Looking?


Are you living in the past …rehashing every wound that has EVER been inflicted upon you leaving it gaping and raw?

Are you living in the middle …trying to forget, but still remembering the pain?

Are you living in the present …looking forward into the future because you know your past will not define you?

(Or are you living somewhere else in-between …?) There’s so many places we stop on our road to recovery that we can get lost within them.

Don’t forget to move. Remember that where you are is not where you will always be.

Trauma… to think that you are the only person to have ever experienced the current situation in which you are in is utter and complete ignorance. At one point or another, every one has felt what you are feeling.

We’ve all been there. Pain, trauma, wounds are inflicted upon all of us, but the longer you dwell upon them the longer you get to keep them.

Allow yourself to heal. Stop bringing up the traumatic instance that has been ruling your life (I can almost guarantee that your group of confidants is tiring of hear about it…) When you stop yourself from repeating the dysfunctional pattern you begin to break it within yourself — because within you is truly the only place in which is resides. Let the wounds heal — it will take time, but you have to want it first and foremost.

You have to know that you are worth being whole. You have to know that you deserve better and you have to know that you can give better than before. Grow strength from your weaknesses.

Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue because it had to endure, it had to adapt, and it had to repair itself better than before.

Look forward with the strength of your scars.

-Clare Angelica

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