I’m not that girl …but sometimes I want to be.

We aren’t in the same place we used to be — we used to stand beside each other, but now we stand apart.

Sometimes I want to be that girl… 

I miss you, but that’s not something I can tell you anymore. I’ve lost my place and my footing is shaky as I try to navigate the ground beneath my quivering feet.

I want to hear your voice and know how you are, but that’s something I can no longer ask.

I want to see your face, reach out and touch you, but we’re too far apart now …and its much more than simply miles that separate us.

I want you to be happy, truly, you more than anyone …I’m just sad I’m no longer a part of the world that brings about your smile.

I’m not the girl to put you in that spot — the point where you feel like you have to make a choice, but sometimes I wish I was…

All the things I want to say …I won’t… because that’s not fair to you. …So, I’ll say it here …the words I never got to say and the words I always wanted to say, the words I’ve replayed over and over in my head that I’ve wanted you to hear from my lips…

I love you. I’m sorry I never said it to your face so you could see the warmth my love for you brings me.

But, I said this to you all the time …I miss you… and I still do.

The irony is that you’ll never read this, so you’ll never know.

I’m not the girl to take that leap …but sometimes I wish I was…

It’s always a difficult line to navigate…

  • Do you tell someone how you feel (regardless of the circumstances)?
  • Do you say nothing?
  • Do you risk rejection?
  • Do you risk the chance that they might reciprocate (no matter how much time has passed)?
  • Do you put someone you care about in a compromising?
  • Or …Do you simply love them from right where you are?

What do you do?

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