Why Do We Hurt Those We Love?


This is about relationships … Read it with an open heart & mind ..and maybe it can help you stop some destructive behavior you might have because no one deserves such petty actions …including yourself.

Anything that is done with intention – be it thoughts, actions, words, etc… – reaches those for which they are aimed.

What are you hitting them with — love? hate? anger? desire? longing? fear? happiness? — Remember, the thoughts you are thinking about someone else is filling you with such emotions …be aware.

Every thought you think about someone else reaches them on a subconscious (or conscious) level …depending on how sensitive they are.

Thoughts are energy. What are you creating?

The intention in which you think harms (or heals) not only the recipients, but it also harms (or heals) you.

Ask yourself “why” — why are you thinking these thoughts (no matter the intention behind it)? Why are you feeling this way?

If there is still a reaction (whether it be good or bad) behind your thoughts, its because you aren’t done (or don’t want to be done) with the person who still occupies your mind.

Maybe you aren’t supposed to be done …love is worth fighting for. But, if the love has ended, remember that love has no room for hurtful behavior — Love brings the strength we all need in our darkest hours.

You don’t know anyone else’s life unless you ask. Don’t pretend to know what anyone else is feeling or going through because you don’t — you aren’t even close with all those thoughts you are thinking. IF you truly want to know, ASK!

There’s nothing to prove to an ex-partner.

You don’t need to boast about your life after the relationship, there’s no need to harm your ex, or belittle the relationship the both of you shared.

Acknowledge that it’s over, time has passed, allow your lives to move forward.

Don’t taint the past. Enjoy the present.

Show love and respect for those you love and for those you have loved.

Each relationship effects you. Each relationship changes you. Each relationship teaches you something new.

Embrace it. Love those who’ve loved you and then let them go.

Look back with love so you can look forward with hope.

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