Fear the Warrior Without a Master for They Have Nothing to Lose

You can judge my story, you can judge where I’ve been and where I’m going, but ya know what …I don’t care.

My journey is my own. It has nothing to do with you. Help me, keep your thoughts to yourself, or get out of my way because I’m not stopping.

I will encourage you, support you, and serve you whenever and however I can – but I can just as easily step back and offer nothing if you offer nothing in return.

My time is precious, my story is vast – don’t judge it by the chapter you walked in on.

I have been through hell …you can see the scars from the burns across my skin …but I can also see yours.

No one is perfect, nor should they claim to be for its the imperfections that truly makes us who we are.

Be ok with standing alone.

I am a warrior, my wounds run deep and my scars heal thick, but I refuse to be consumed by the darkness.

I am worth fighting for.

Are you?

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