Second Guessing Gets You No Where


Yes, you can spend your time imagining how great something can be …but you are missing out on the potential it has to be better than you could ever think it could be …because you aren’t taking action to find out.

There is safety in illusion, but there is no reality.

Life is about living.

I’m writing this with one particular instance in mind… Someone with whom I’ve had a dynamic enter in and out of my life. I’ve been asked this more times than I care to count without any conclusion …Will we ever get our chance?

All I can say is, “No, not if you don’t take it!”

Opportunity after opportunity has arisen throughout the course of the years we have known each other and this person doesn’t take the chance to see if what they’ve been wondering about could actually be REAL.

They say they want to choose me, choose us, but they haven’t… With time, you get tired of hearing the question because you know they’re just going to disappear once again without a word.

When I hear the words …I miss you… …I think about you all the time, it’s hard not too… …Will we get our chance… it breaks my heart, every time. Chances run out if you don’t capture them. 

Every time you don’t come through when you say you are going too, every time you promise things that never happen, every time you say the words I want to hear and then don’t show up …you create space between us. Walls begin to build and the distance grows because my trust in you fades…

No matter what scenario you have been playing with in your mind, stop thinking about it, and take the necessary steps forward to find out if it is real.

Stop wondering. Take the risk or lose the chance.

You’ll never know unless you do it.

It’s never to late …until it is.

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