Don’t Try to Change Me & I Won’t Try to Change You


If you look up the definition of “Untamable” via Google (as I did…) You’ll find this as the first entry:

  • (of an animal) not capable of being domesticated.
  • not capable of being controlled.

And then you’ll find this:

  • not capable of being tamed, subdued, or made obedient.

Now, I feel that most people (not just animals) are at one point or another considered untamable in their lives …perhaps some more than others, and then there’s the ones that shock you when they burst forth out of their shells.

I say, Continue to be untamable!

No one should ever make you feel like you aren’t good enough just the way you are because they’ve forgotten their own beauty.

You are incredible, amazing, beautiful, strong, and fearless.

You should not be made to feel that you need to fit in someone else’s box because I can guarantee the feeling will be constricting and it will suffocate the life out of you.


Embrace your inner-wild and unleash the beast.

Go get what YOU want out of life.

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