This Is WHY I Write.


This quote from Natalie Goldberg sums up pretty darn well why it is that I write.

I mainly write to express the things I have not been willing to speak about for one reason or another — the things I was scared to say, the things I couldn’t say, the things you didn’t get the chance to hear (and maybe never will)…

BUT, I also write because my imagination has multiple personalities and they are all crazy and seeking to have their voices heard 🙂 I love creating and writing allows me to do that in a way no other aspect of my life has.

Yes, I pull from instances in my real life for inspiration and then I exaggerate them, manipulate them, and transform them into a tale that fits into my pages.

Writing for me is a form of therapy. It is a way to express myself when other paths have failed.

I know I am on the right track when I reread my passage and it stirs up emotions in me (or even while I am writing it) …I hope my readers feel it too (in one way or another) for themselves because a lot of the time the feelings are painful, they bring forth sadness, loss, joy, but mostly I write to communicate.

I have grown strength from writing.

It has given me freedom.

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