Busy, Busy, Busy Bee


When I hear… “I’m too busy.” — “I’ve been really busy.” — “I’m busy.” — etc… It’s a really big trigger for me.

It feels like people are telling you that you don’t fit in. They don’t have time for you. They’ll get to you eventually, once they check off all these other things from their list. You’re aren’t important.

And usually, they’re right. I don’t fit into their box. They can’t check me off their list and be done.

When you truly matter to someone (be it lover, friend, family, etc) they have time or they will make time to see you, speak with you, catch up with you.

It’s not a big gesture that’s needed once in a while to feel connected — it’s the little things, over time, that add up.

Everyone has the same 24 hrs in a day, 7 days in a week — no, they may not be equal, but if someone cares they will make time.

Stop putting up with being a low priority and Start flashing red because you are important. If you are with someone who doesn’t see that, you need to change your surroundings, not them.

People don’t always understand that what they are saying or doing is effecting you or hurting you, tell them. Make yourself clear.

Remember to also make time in your life for those that are important to you. People will only stay so long in a dynamic that isn’t right until they walk away and don’t tell you they are leaving because you have made it clear its not important.

We don’t know what we’ve lost until it disappears.

Is the person you are claiming to be a priority (but have no time for) really worth it?

If they are step up — and if they aren’t step our of their way.

Don’t waste anybody’s time (yours included).

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