The Way You Love Me


It’s the little things…

The way you kiss me.

The way you touch me.

The way you smile at me.

The way you think.

The actions you take.

The way you treat me.

The way you show up.

The way you embrace me.

The way you listen.

The path you are on in life.

The way you challenge me.

The ways in which you make me better.

The way you support me.

The way you keep me safe.

The way you trust me.

The sound of your voice.

The way you laugh.

The way you encourage me.

The way you let me be myself.

The way you brighten my day with your silliness.

The way you teach me.

The messages you send letting me know you’re there.

The way you show your interest.

The way you hold my hand anytime, anywhere.

The way you help me win.

The time you invest in me everyday.

The loyalty you give me.

The way you wake up everyday and fall in love with me all over again.

The way you see me.

The light you bring to my life.

The unconditional way in which you love me.

The way you changed my life the day you walked into it.

It’s the little things that add up to all the reasons I love you.

Love the people in your life because of all the little ways they show up for you every day in every way.

Show up for them.

We deserve this.

We are worthy.

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