Do You Even Know Why?


If you have forgotten why you are fighting, let it go and move on — your purpose has been lost.

If you remember why you are fighting and what you are fighting for then continue on.

Be brave and stand up for what you believe to be right, what you know is right deep down in your bones.

Be determined and keep going long after others have given up.

Be passionate and remember the feeling of that fire as it burned through your veins enlivening your entire being.

Be focused and continue to take steps every-single-day towards your goals.

Be loyal and do what you say you are going to do.

Be inspiring and help others awaken to their potential.

In the end, you are fighting for yourself. You are worth getting up everyday and living for. You are deserving of the wonderful things life has to offer you, grasp them.

If you don’t like the war, change the playing field — the only one in risk of losing is you.

Are you willing to accept that or are you ready to win?

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