It All Starts with an Idea


You heard me.

If all those people had chosen to “play it safe” we wouldn’t have Apple, Microsoft, video games, Facebook, movies, the multiple apps we all have on our phones, computers, books, Amazon, diversity in our cuisine, higher education programs, Entrepreneurs are even known for taking big risks (its in the definition) …I think you get the idea.

And that’s exactly where all those people you envy started …with an idea.

It only takes one person to nurture one idea to make it flourish. Its time to pick one, invest in it, and see if it pans out — if you don’t take action with your ideas they will remain just that within your head and you will accomplish…nothing.

I can use myself as an example — I love writing. I have a passion for it that stems from somewhere deep within me and it gives me a feeling unlike anything else in my entire life. I feel alive. I feel joyful. It gives me freedom. I will continue to write regardless of being paid to do so, in spite of whatever life situation I happen to find myself in, and I hope that other people like it, but its not my goal. I write for me. I write to share a side of myself that no one else gets to see. I write to inspire others to find whatever it is that they love and to encourage them to make a career out of it.

It all starts with an idea. Find that idea that brings you so much joy, energy, life and feed it.

Take the leap.

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