Get Out of Your Own Way


What is it that you REALLY want?

Do you want a different job?

Do you want to move to a new location?

Do you want a new / different partner?

Do you want to travel?

What types of freedom are you really looking for?

What is it that you have been scared of doing – but – really, really want to do?

Once you get very clear about your goals life can start helping you achieve them, but YOU have to take ACTION and you have to put in the WORK!

You must get energy moving (even if its in the wrong direction, don’t worry, you’ll find out very quickly what’s right and what’s wrong) BUT you have to start DOING something, anything, first!


Get off your bum and start working for it.

Its the first steps that are always the hardest, but once you take them you wonder why you hadn’t started sooner because they really weren’t as hard as you had built them up to be.

Be brave. Be clear. Be present. Show up.

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