Empower Others


Remember your job, remember your purpose, remember how easily it comes to you and the feeling of freedom that fills you.

Share this with others. Uplift those around you. Help them succeed.

Whatever life brings you, remember that the situation is simply reminding you of what you want. Aim higher, reach further.

Remind yourself daily — whether that’s through your religious or spiritual practice, daily reminders programmed into your phone or computer or technological device of your choosing, inspirational notes placed in areas you frequent most, surround yourself with people that inspire and support YOU …or all of the above (and then some)! — read your notes and reminders aloud, everyday. Recall them from memory when you are feeling the doubts of your actions creep in. Re-train your thinking habits to reflect a positive outcome.

Let go of the story you have been feeding yourself — it is not serving you. Replace it with what fills your soul with joy.

Remember that you are on the right path …your path.

Trust yourself. Trust your first instinct. Trust your intuition.

Love yourself and use that flame to ignite others.

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