Seeking Through the Remains of Shattered Glass


I am stronger than you think. I am wiser than you know. I understand more than you give me credit for. I see the things you don’t want me to see. I love with all my heart (and I’m not scared for it to break.)

I am vulnerable. I am fragile. I carry fears and insecurities…just like you.

I will not break.

Life challenges me. You challenge me.

You disappear, you reappear.

I am stronger than you think.

Push me down and I will get back up.

I am resilient.

I bend in the wind for it flows through my body as if I were its home.

My life is not yours to treat like a toy discarded and gathering dust.

Do your worst and I will do my best.

I will not shatter like glass into a million pieces for someone else to pick up. I might be scratched, left with scars, but I am whole. I will pick myself up, polish the edges, and sparkle beneath the sun’s embrace.

For I am stronger than glass.

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