A Book by its Cover


Looks define us in an instant…

We are a visual generation living in a virtual world. You can create the way you look to appear anyway you want too.

How you look or present yourself to the world is a part of you…but it is not all of you.

Looks skim the surface of who we truly are.

The most beautiful people can have the most wretched souls and the people you barely glance twice at are filled with such a beauty that it will move you to tears.

Who are you?

Who do you want to be?

What is the rest of you that is hiding below the surface?

When will you allow your true self to breathe in the light of day?

Close your eyes and listen to the eloquence of ones words.

Look past the exterior and see the actions.

Beauty blinds us.

See past the beauty and cherish the person inside…let them show you who they are and in turn show others who you are.

Embrace your looks and remember to let what’s inside speak for you as well.

Exterior beauty fades and what is left behind is the beauty of your soul. Let it shine through your eyes each and everyday.

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