Who Do You Want To Be Right Now?


There’s no time like the present.

Allow yourself to be free from past relationships and traumas. Do not give into the scars and allow your present to be dictated by your past.

Move forward.

Grow strength from your weaknesses and enjoy the new.

You are braver than you think. You are stronger than you realize.

It’s time.

Be who you want to be now!

Life will catch up with you 🙂

The past cannot be changed. Don’t dwell there.

The present is happening now. Show up for it.

The future cannot be predicted. Let go of expectations.

If you are doing what brings your heart joy there is no reason to look backwards.

If you are doing what brings your heart joy you have no where else to be but in the present moment.

If you are doing what brings your heart joy your future will unfold into your present greater than ever anticipated.

Being lazy is a habit.

Saying you’ll get to it tomorrow what can be done today is a habit.

Habits can be broken as easily as how you open your eyes every morning after sleep.

It is the act of DOING, not thinking about doing, that molds us into the person we want to be tomorrow today.

None of us are totally “OK” with change. We do it anyway. We do it in-spite of ourselves. We do it in order to push ourselves.

Move forward.

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