Why would you even ask?


When I get into the flow time passes faster, my mind jumps from place to place, and my fingers fumble to keep up.

love writing!

I love being able to let my imagination fly.

I’ve had many people ask me what my writing process is… I don’t really have one.

NO, I don’t plot out every detail and allow no room for deviation. I sit down to write and let the story evolve and take me where it wants to go… and most of the time its places I couldn’t have imagined (or plotted) better!

YES, I have very specific snapshots or scenes filter across my mind and I think, “Wow, how am I going to get there!?” and somehow I always do 🙂

love writing!

I am blessed to be able to freely express myself here, on my blog, and in the fictional novels I create.

Find what you love and pursue it with your entire heart and every inch of your being — the rewards will be well worth it!

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