We have all been there…the breaking point… The point of no return. The last step before the one you won’t come back from.

What do you do!?

There is always a choice… You have a choice to walk away. You have a choice to stand your ground. You have the choice to throw the first punch or wait for your opponent to. You have a choice.

I say, if you are going to fight, fight well. Give it everything you’ve got …and then give it more.

We are stronger than we think. We are braver than we know. We are capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for.

Who do you want to be?

Not all fights are by the fist… Many are waged across oceans, over internet cables, through media forums, between our ears, across negotiation desks…

No matter the fight you are entering into, weigh your options. You always have a choice.

If you chose to fight, fight with integrity. Fight with honor and valor. Fight so that your words are heard through the crowd. Fight to inspire. Fight for what YOU believe to be right and true. Fight with the strength of your morals. Use your mind as an instrument to be played.

Ask yourself if the battle is worth the victory? Fight to win the war.

Fight for what you deserve.

Remember, the only true battle is within — master that and you will be invincible.

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