We all have them … beasts we are running from…

They appear in our dreams, in dark corners waiting to pounce, they live at work, they thrive in our fear, they are lovers, they are friends, they are people we’ve never met, and new acquaintances… Beasts live everywhere.

What are you doing to do with them?

Running only works for so long. You forget that that which you run from has claws to catch you, paws that approach silently behind you, teeth sharp enough to break your bones, and eyes deep enough to devour your soul.

Beasts are the parts of yourself you wish not to confront.

You are your most fearsome beast and your most relentless captor.

Are you going to let the two work together?

Everything that has brought you to “here” in your life happened for a reason. You needed it. You needed to feel it. You needed to know the experience to your core. You needed to learn. You needed to suffer. You needed to thrive.

The more beasts you keep at bay the greater their power grows over you.

Embrace your beasts, tame them, let them run free, guide them, release them, and find strength within them.

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