Broken does not mean irreparable. Crazy does not mean never sane. Wild does not mean never tame. Wrong does not mean never right.

Everything happens for a reason.

The intention of life lessons is to learn from them, grow in knowledge so that you don’t need to repeat them… over and over again…

Once you change your re-action to an event you have already been through you begin to break the pattern within yourself. That might be saying no, it might be saying yes, it might be leaping with your eyes closed… Whatever the situation, the moment you take a breath and think before re-acting to an outside stimulus, you’ve changed.

Catastrophic events doesn’t have to = drama.

It’s your choice how you re-act.

Your reaction defines you. It tells the world who you are. It tells the world how you handle different pressures or changes. It tells the world what to expect from you.

Your reaction shows you who you are. Are you comfortable with it?

Breathe. Pause. Think. React.

Take a step back if you need to — words said in anger cannot be unsaid. They linger in the space between and fester and rot as the stench becomes suffocating.

Use your words.

Speak with integrity. Speak the truth and you will never regret what comes out of your mouth.

Refrain from words of harm, even in the height of pain because they cannot be unsaid.

It’s your choice whether or not you carry the burden.

Our actions define us. Who do you want to tell yourself (and others) you are?


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