My Life is like a Dishwasher


My life is like a dishwasher…

You can only load it so full before nothing else fits. It holds all the little pieces of my life…both eloquent and terrifying. Close the door and all the indiscretions are hidden inside, but when you open it all the dirty secrets are now on display for everyone to see. Better turn on that clean-cycle.

Wash yourself clear.

Allow the filth of your soul to be cleansed. Give yourself the gift of freedom and empty out that device. Let go of what is no longer useful.

Also, be brave and open up that door.

You are worth the true divinity you carry within yourself. Remember who you are. Remember what you are capable. Remember what it is you truly deserve. Remember your purpose, your path, or create an entirely new one.

Empty out the clean dishes of your mind (have no fear, they will not disappear) and close the door on the empty space. Be selective with what you chose to hold onto and place within your sacred ground.

You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are capable. You are full of strength. You are always full of unlimited potential…tap into it.

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