If You Only Knew…


I’m a writer.

Sometimes that’s enough said, but then, occasionally, people want more details…

I’ve been really enjoying getting to know other creatives because I find that they carry the same passion that I do for their craft…and that is utterly inspiring to me! They speak with fire about what they love. They can’t envision a life without their outlet. It comes naturally and even the trials are worth it in the end.

I’ve been blessed to learn about music composition, pottery, different mediums of art (paint, pastel, canvas, etc…), photography, graphic design…you add in your own… Whatever it is you LOVE to do, it’s incredible!

The deeper I delve into these conversations and learning experiences with others the more I learn about a side of them I didn’t know… I get to see something that brings them so much joy, freedom, determination, thrill… I get to see them erupt from this shell of who I thought they were and morph into someone even more fascinating and beautiful.

They are creators. We are creators. You are a creator. I am a creator.

I can be fairly shy, but once I am in the presence of someone I trust and they are asking me about the next project I am working on I begin to unfold the recesses of my mind that normally only I can see…and it usually surprises them.

My editor’s comment about one of my up-coming projects was something like, “I don’t want to hear anymore. I can’t believe a story like that is coming out of you!”

The vibe I got was that it both frightened and shocked her that I was going to write such a dark story of death and murder. (Stay tuned, it’s coming…)

No one is truly who they appear to be. They show us a version of who they are.

Be a safe place. Be a refuge.

Allow the creatives in your life to seek haven in your company and support and nurture them.

Support and nurture each other.

Be encouragement and allow it to come back ten-fold.

Be the truest “you” you can be and let go of what others think.

I wouldn’t be writing if I listened to others and chose a path that was not my own.

Be you. Inspire others.

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