Make A Decision.


When you know what you want / need out of life your path becomes clear.

No, it generally doesn’t happen overnight.

Your goals take time, commitment, dedication, focus, and patience.

You need to work on your goals daily.

Show up!

Once you make a choice and set yourself on a path know that it doesn’t have to be the end all (or even the right choice). The point is that you made one. — And now life can show you where you are supposed to be.

Thinking and wishing and hoping will get you no where. Nothing is achieved. Nothing is done. No action is taken.

Get out of your head. Let go of “perfect”. Just do it, everyday.

Take action.

Once you decide, your entire life / the universe strives to give you exactly what you asked it for. Think big. Act bravely.

Once you decide, the people around you can support you because you are showing them what you want. And, you know what you’ll find? That the only acceptance you truly ever needed was your own.

Dream big or wake up. Go get it.

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