Accept the Challenge


Ya know those walls… the ones you’ve built… break those m*th*r f*ck*rs down.

Every limit you have is self inflicted. You get to keep it because you created it. But, because you created it, you have the potential to break it.

Your “comfort zone” is safe, its cozy, its predictable, its sedentary, nothing new happens there…

If you really want the things you’ve been dreaming about, YOU have to go get them!

Limits are imaginary. Limits are your fears winning the fight, but that doesn’t mean you have to let the whispers of doubt win the war…

Take control. Go for what you want. Make decisions. Create a plan to accomplish your goal(s). Stick to it.

Even small steps are steps.

Start where you are at and create.

Once fear (your limits) slips away you are left with confidence, success, accomplishment, independence, fire, passion, drive.

To achieve the (perceived) impossible you have to get up every day and challenge it. Push it. Bend it. Break it. Re-create it.

Get up. Show up.

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