There’s Always Space


There is always room for love…and then more love…and then more…and then more…etc… 🙂

No matter who you are, no matter what is going on in your life, no matter what you think… there is always room for love in your life.

Remember that love comes in many shapes and forms and usually shows up unexpectedly.

As we take the next steps into our new year be gentle with yourself. Go bravely forward. Aim high.

Remember those dreams you have been putting off pursuing, its time. Go get them. You deserve it.

Know that you have the strength, protection, and support of love — love from those who love you, love for those you love, self-love, and unconditional love that expands and encompasses more than you are even aware of.

This love that you carry with you always will be your guiding light as you enter into the new year.

  • It will give you strength to accomplish your dreams and turn them into ambition that gets the seal of completion this year.
  • It will give you courage to face your demons and move forward as they lay vanquished in your wake.
  • It will give you protection in the decisions you make because you’ll know you are safe, no matter what (take the leap).
  • It will give you support through all of your endeavors.
  • You will always be full, but always have room for more.

Even in your darkest hour, love is always there. Open your eyes to it. Embrace the new year with your face held to the sun. Surround yourself with people, work, adventures, events, tasks, games, play that fill your heart with joy — do this, and everything else will fall perfectly into place.

Live love. Share love. Give love. Receive love. Be love.

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