Where’s Your Ambition Hiding?


Now, I’m not saying that men can’t say this in the reverse or that women must / have to excel past men…

What I am trying to convey is this: You’re lazy.

But, don’t worry, so am I.

If we all really did everything that we had been thinking about doing we would utterly astound ourselves. We are far more capable than we give ourselves credit for.

We are worthy.

We are deserving.

We are capable.

Tell that voice inside your head to, Shut up

You aren’t going to play that game anymore. You are going to get up, show up, and do it.

Let go of your excuses — they are not serving anyone.

You need to be your own cheerleader. Don’t wait for someone else to fill the position because, truly, who is going to cheer louder for your goals, your successes, and your dreams than you?

To change-up Marilyn’s quote a bit…

Someone who strives to be equal with themselves lacks ambition.

YOU are your ONLY competition — Now, go kick some a**!

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