Live Like Animals


This is how you succeed — by going in knowing that you may fail, but knowing that you would rather fight than take the risk of never knowing.

We are more like animals than we think…

We can have a tendency to be creatures of habit. We can be fearful while some of us have the killer instinct that leads them to first blood. It’s this instinct that separates the successful from the sedentary.

How do you want to live your life? — Because I can guarantee your life isn’t waiting for you get on the ride …you’re already on it. — Are you enjoying yourself? — Are you wishing for more?

GO GET IT. I won’t tell you again and I can guarantee your life won’t either.

Take the opportunities you are given and step up to the fight — Your journey is worth the battle, of that I can assure you.


Fight for what you deserve. Go get it. Go in knowing you would rather taste failure than never know its bitterness. Failure is what motivates some to succeed and others to stop trying … Which category do you want to live in?

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